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Look ma!
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So, my left arm is going to be mass produced, suck it all who said i would never do anything great with my life!

tomorrow is Richard Hawley, if you aren't going, or have missed your chance, I pity you, heres examples

in other news, my subscription to livejournal is set to expire, can someone remind me why i ever even had a pay account? I am also ashamed to say I have been posting with more regularity at the myspace blog.. i hang my head in shame.

for those about to rock, i salute you.

as a means of making myself feel better, i have begun to set small attainable goals for the near term by using the notes application on my iphone.
1. get a new duvet.. DONE!
2. get a decent sofa or loveseat so you can throw that piece of junk futon away.. i have started looking at some possibilities
3. oil change.. uh yeah.
4. get a decent coffee table
5. get a better mattress
6. payoff that one crappy student loan.. in all honesty, this one should be moved to the top.. its only a 4300 loan, but the payments are only 60 a month, 20 of which goes to interest.. so thats only 40 a month being paid on the principle! THAT is crazy talk. so yes, this will be getting paid off in 2008.. so ericpoptone, guess my debt to you will live on, to be paid off in hand-me-down electronics and favors that families do.

7. through 10. - things i cannot say here

anyway, yeh, thats about it.. it's been cold, the idea of jersey knit sheets has been put in my head.


you forgot to talk about how im yr date to yr holiday work party.
oh yes, that too, we're dating

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