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There really isn't much to report, everything continues the same. Work is work, we're supposed to have reviews in february, this hasn't happened yet.. and I hope it does as I need to know what my role in this company is going to be.

I've been getting healthy, Project Bad Lieutenant as morten calls it. I didn't realize everyone was on this kick, but I guess its what 2008 is about. I shaved my head, I've lost just shy of 15 pounds now, only like 30 to go. Unfortunately, i have developed a cheeto addiction the likes of brittany spears.. ok, not really that bad, but even a little bag a day is not gonna help.. cheetos are my major malfunction it would seem.

Social life is what it's about, I've been trying to be a good person this year in the hopes that it will make me happy.. It hasn't yet, but I do generally feel better about things. I am currently crushless, which leaves my evenings to sniffing out the window with bubs before enacting an owen song and going to a bar.

We're working on this project for a company whose name i cannot say, supposedly, if we get this account, it will be huge and i could expect a massive bonus.. I'm not holding my breath, but a bonus of a years salary would be pretty swank. then i could skip this diet and exercise thing and just get lypo!


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