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Nov. 14th, 2007

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Viva La Rambo!
Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
i was scrolling through the friends journals page and noticed everyone posting about how they haven't posted in a while, and here is mine.. i haven't posted in a while.. because life is still boring as all hell.

everything is still just fine, no complaints.. no peaks, no valleys.

fortunately The Season™ starts friday, but i don't even know if i can even bring myself to care..

so yeah, everything continues.. oh and my shoelaces can't seem to stay tied anymore.

Oct. 16th, 2007

storms coming..

Race war!
Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
last night i had a really visual dream, i was back in the midwest somewhere, probably iowa or illinois, and i was seeing this girl i was obsessed with in high school (you know, like writing bad poetry obsessed). anyway, in the dream she was ready to leave her husband (my brain conveniently ignores the kids), and wants to be with me..

I'm forgetting some, but next thing i remember was being in some building, the wood walls were a stained reddish color.. everything is happy, and then storm clouds the likes i've never seen start forming outside.. either the radio or someone says a hurricane is coming (odd considering we're pretty far from any ocean)... water starts rising outside the windows, a black foaming water, filled with debris from outside.. sooner than later the windows break and panic ensues, i step onto a couch and try to grab her hand to hoist her up, but the water is filling to room to quickly and one by one the heads slip under the water..
balancing on the floating couch i reach a hole in the roof and then i dont remember..

next thing is being in a caravan heading south, at a stop Amy G shows up and says something to me and gives me something..

and thats all i remember. the most striking thing was the overly saturated greens in my dream.

I am bored. This is no good. I am bored in life and every notion & invitation I hear suggesting doing something new sounds equally unappealing. The conflicting nature of my being is always being torn like this, the desire to do something new, and the distinct enjoyment of routine.

And now I need a new distraction.

Oct. 7th, 2007

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Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
So, i went to the midwest and was sick the whole time, pretty much.
The chill is creeping into LA at night, and the void is still deep.

I came home a couple nights ago, it was cold, the duvet was cold, it was nice, and bubs has switched to her winter sleeping position (as pictured). She has also found a new sleeping spot on my old computer desk on a t-shirt (admittedly, now a filthy t-shirt).

The season™ is coming. This one may be a pretty good one, La Niña and all (i realize that sounds pretty dirty if you know what im talking about).

Last week I had a conversation about elements of my past which I normally don't talk about, let alone think about, kinda weird.. i'm not hexspecialy one whom likes talking about the painful past, let alone expose myself like that to someone one whom i've just recently met and don't know to well.. it caused a minor brain freakout later where i was in the shower shaking my head for opening up..

in the gaming world (haha) one of the mottos is ABB, Always be building.. and in the video game that is evans life, always be building means, always be building bridges with other people, because then you control the distance you keep them at and how many walls they must get through to get to the chewy nougat center. it also grants you the ability to know how to best burn that bridge in case of emergency.

So yes, Always Be Building, or you'll find "i'm in yr base killing yr doodz" and that "all your base are belong to us"

anyway, yeh, so i act like i'm 6 years old.

Sep. 17th, 2007


Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
i have been depressio lately, for no good reason, everything is fine, the job is going well, bubs is fine, everything is fine.. except my noggin.

I'm flying out to chicago sept 27th for the night, and will drive up to Minneapolis the next day to get ready for petes wedding. so i need to buy a suit or something to wear. I'm looking forward to the drive to clear the head and all that.

there is nothing new to report. at least, oh right, i got un86'd from the local bar... is that even worth writing about? how about in a drunken depressio induced rage i cleaned out my gun locker there of all things one might need in a bar

1. map to a gold mine
2. ball of paraffin
3. sun glasses
4. emergency party hat
5. kick ass mixed cd
6. sun lotion
7. eye drops
8. personal shot glasses
9. blender.. (yes, i had my own blender in my gun locker)

then to reenact a greg dulli moment, i deliberately broke a glass and turned in my keys.. ah, the shame spiral.

considering a couple weeks ago it was well over "the century mark", a cold front has rolled into los angeles, with highs in the mid 70's and lows going into the 50's.. this pleases me.. the season™ approaches.

Aug. 31st, 2007

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Brain stuck
Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
You know what sucks? when you need ideas and you only have one..

Aug. 27th, 2007

31,000 ft

31,000 ft
Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
There are a few more pictures over at my flickr account from the whirlwind trip. But here is a quick summary.

Friday night I somehow thought I would need to get up at 5am to get to the airport and make my 6:20am flight.. so worried I would miss my alarm, i slept on the futon waking promptly at 5. Knowing I'm in a rush I go straight to put my contacts in, well, i forgot to put the disinfectant tab in, so i needed to wash them with saline for a good 10 minutes, oi.

Shower, pack.. and oops its 5:30, "bye bubs!".. i forgot to pack my iphone charger, i think i can still make it... but I'm not gonna be able to do over night parking.. i pull into terminal 4, find the perfect parking spot and dash across the sky bridge. i do electronic check in with no bags to check..

the computer informs me i am there too late, i need to have been there 30 minutes prior to take off, i am only 20, i have to choose the next flight to go on standby.

well, through the security and i get to the gate i was supposed to bored on, theyre still there and they let me on.. sweet.

land in St. louis, i've got an hour to kill, have a pita sandwich from wolfgang puck express. i forgot how strong of an accent they have in the STL, there is pronounced thurr. The pita is disgusting, and board the next flight. 45 minutes later I'm in des moines, the air is clean. we drive down to my grandparents and drop off the gramps, head down to my aunt Cindy's for a little before dinner. shes going to my cousin cara's bachelorette party. here house is filled with cats, some of whom have fleas. so many cats, scratching and licking.. I'm trying not to get sick, these cats are certainly not bubs.

we go to my grandparents and have dinner and talk.. etc etc afterwards my sister and i go into town in search of a bar. not matter what size a town is (in this case, 1500 people) you can be sure there will be a bar (unless it is a dry county). we find one and have a few beers before returning to the aunts place.. nothing is on TV and i just want to go home.. eventually i attempt sleep. one cat keeps meowing and i can feel it flicking fleas on me, i resist the urge to punch it and instead kick it off the bed.. it leaves for an hour and proceeds to wake me up once an hour.. i want to die.

woke up at 7am sunday to a cat barfing in the hallway, shower and go up to the grandparents for breakfast (on the side, my grandmother is an awesome cook). hang out there talking until my aunt cindy gets back from her wild night out.. erin and i go back to her place to get erins stuff.. we take off back to des moines. meet up with my brother and his girlfriend in the des moines airport, kill time... send sister back to seattle, my eric and ngoc board the flight back to St. louis. the jet flies low and the pilot swoops around like he's in top gun, but we arrive ten minutes early.

i get an amazing race idea and check if we can board the next flight to LA, saving us 3 hours.. yes they have middle seats, but any checked luggage will still arrive late.. my brother has a retarded suitcase so we stay and kill 3 hours in St. louis airport.

6:50 we board the flight to LA, i fortunately have no one sitting next to me, the in flight movie is Lucky You, you can't understand the dialog cos of static on the audio track and the tint of the screen is off.. it doesn't bother me as the movie is so predictable. eventually land in LA, pay $60 from parking, drop eric & ngoc off and go see bubs.. she is pleased to see me and bites & claws me to let me know. I'm glad to be back.

Aug. 23rd, 2007

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Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
so whats new? well, the heat wave has passed, thank the lord. I bought a new crappy car, well, it's not so crappy, it runs, it has AC, but its nothing to look at, but this is all part of my get rich slowly scheme. Oh sure, I could get a nice car, make $500 monthly payments.. but right now, i prefer to make a one time payment of $500 and move the rest into high yield savings, how adult of me. But the vacation next year will thank me.

As you may recall from not terribly long ago, when i was having a string of nerdy posts, i have a couple 500 gig drives, one is for music, the other is a backup for said music. Long story short, one died, thank heavens for back ups! too bad I'm a dumbass. I deleted my back up to make room to make a mirror copy from the dying drive.. I'm so dumb, but after much nerdery, i managed to save 140 gigs of music, losing only 160 gb.. oh wait, that sucks... fortunately, i had out smarted myself and sold my old drive to a friend whom hadn't deleted anything, so i ended up losing only 3000, out of 47000 songs.. not bad at all.. especially considering a good 1000 of those are probably scott walker songs... seriously, he had a lot of tunes.

Last friday i had a meeting with the supervisor, he informed me i would start to co-manage the department.. wha? i've not even been here 3 months holmes. I figured it was just some work to keep me busy while we're slow. But then on monday we had a private meeting about me taking over the department and how much of a raise would i want and etc etc.. This seems rather quick to me, but I'm not complaining.. it's just, i don't even know everything we do, but maybe i don't need to, maybe i just need to know who does know, and tell them to do stuff.. thats management right? cool.

ericpoptone has got me listening to overly dramatic music about being emotionless, robot like, and incapable of being held back like Covenant and VAST.. fortunately i am catching hints of fall in the air, and that means a more Tindersticks lifestyle will return.. along with The Season™, hooray.

I'm still 86'd from the bar, it's been 2 weeks, no end in sight.. how silly!

Anyway, flying to Iowa saturday morning, gotta get to the airport at like 5am, not sure how I'm gonna do that. gonna need some more alarms. flying back sunday at 3pm. and, according to the iphone, the weather out there shouldn't be too terribly bad.

Edit: - Oh yeah, i forgot i wanted to write down that i had this crazy dream a couple nights ago that i went back in time (note: it didn't take place in the past), and for some reason i had to marry my old high school flame. Which her husband was none to pleased about.. I wish i could remember more are i was doing a pretty good job of analyzing it the next day when i woke up.. i always seem to remember my dreams when i'm in the shower.. anyway, near the end of the dream i remember realizing that marrying said person wasn't going to fix anything... weird

Aug. 16th, 2007

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Day 6 of my 86'd life
Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
it is a friggin' heat wave down here. At home, bubs and i lay under the fan trying to keep cool. I would normally just head down to the short stop to have a brew until it cool off, but, as of a week ago, i have been 86'd!

why? oh, through some miscommunication, i thought i was supposed to hook up their public wifi, and when i did as such, i disconnected their charging system, which blocked it from registering those credit card charges until it was fixed the next day. so yes, now i'm floundering around in the heat.. fortunately, i live in echo park.. which is pretty bar friendly, and now i am forced to reaquaint myself with the area. last weekend i wend to footsies for the first time in over 7 months.. saturday i went to the gold room, sunday el compadre.. stayed in monday & tuesday, last night i went to the new place called "15", though they are more of a restauraunt and bar, and don't have their liquor license yet (30 days baby!)

then i went to el compadre (this time avoiding the girl drinks which turned me into a booze zombie craving brains sunday night).. after that, down to little joys, then home..

the biggest downside is not recognizing anyone anywhere.. and thats not that much of a downside..

how long will this 86 last? no one knows, only time will tell.

this weekend is sunset junction, it looks like the heat wave will continue, and the idea of paying 10 bucks to be able to go drink mojitos in clothes soaked in sweat doesn't sound so great, plus i'm supposed to go to the DMV saturday to take care of the new used car.

then my 24 hour iowa trip next weekend. doesn't get any better than this..

Aug. 5th, 2007


Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
a couple weeks ago i decided i need to get more productive on the weekends, so after putting it off for two weeks, i got right down to business. yesterday i wrote the check for the new used car (complete with busted side passenger mirror, cos that's how i roll). still, considering the deal i'm getting on it i can't complain (it's a 2000 sentra for $500, cos it's friends so it's dirt cheap). next step, laundry today, checking the flickr, i saw it had been about a month since the last laundry trip.. while this may sound like quite a long time, i am pleased to say it is quite a bit more often then i used to be (incidentally, this was the second time i used the ipod portion of le iphone, good stuff). got groceries for the week, came home and made this black bean thing that is my current OCD food condition.

can o black beans
2 tomatoes
1 bag o' southwest style corn
half an onion and 4 cloves o' garlic, sweat them for 5 minutes while corn is in the microwave, toss everything in, add cumin, and red pepper, and some raspberry vinegar to give a bit of the sweet, i've also added a little veggie ground beef.. 8 servings, 10 grams o' fat.

after this i was exhausted. and tried to take a nap while the aqua teen movie played in the background.. no dice though.. the guilt was heavy. got a text from c-rey suggesting drinks over at footsie's.. i haven't been there in ages, but i informed him i still had productivity to achieve..

you see, bubs killed me a bird a few weeks ago, and there was just a little arterial spray in the bathroom from where she split it open like jack the ripper. so weeks later, i have finally moped it all up and cleaned the sink and toilet and whatnot.. productivity.

i still have a few things to do before i can treat myself with a stroll down the hill, that being, put clothes away (dump them into the closet) and take out the recyclables... but, i may just need to take a breather before that..

i accidently nuked my iphoto library a few days ago, and got around to restoring it this morning, well back into 2002 i was captain face obscure as well.

Aug. 3rd, 2007


Originally uploaded by g0d4wful11
my eyes burn from staring at a computer screen all damned day. here's some insider info, the italian translation of the film "superbad" is "suxbad".. nifty huh?

last night i saw bret from Flight of the Concords at the short stop, unfortunately jemaine wasn't there.. i mean, don't get me wrong, i think bret is under rated, but the two of them would have been a better photo op.

it is the weekend, and last weekend i vowed to take it easy this time around.. didn't like wasting all of saturday being hung over unable to move.. but thats with parties full of colored vodka cognac blends will do to you...

speaking of, as this photo proves, i really am Capt. Face Obscure. though you can see me through the bottle..

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